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Automatic Email Manager 5 - Version 0

Current version is: 5.19

You do not have the latest version. Please consult the version history.

To obtain the latest version of your product, please consult the email you received when you ordered the product.
It contains a link from which you can download your product update or use the Live Update include with your application.

History detail

 Version: 5.19 - Major update
- Improved: Security to block automatic execution of macro in Word when you run Automatic Email Manager in service mode and when you don't have Word installed. 
29 May
 Version: 5.17 - Minor update
- FIXED: Error when using filter in Service mode (can stop to print in some case)
24 Nov
 Version: 5.16 - Minor update
- FIXED: Printing in raw text with multi page.
- IMPROV: Printing in raw text use a better font (Lucida Sans Typewriter).

13 Oct
 Version: 5.15 - Minor update
- FIXED: For Exchange account, the password was lost at random time.
21 Jul
 Version: 5.14 - Major update
- IMPROV: Filter on attachment is now on attached files and no more on all attachments
- ADDED: New fields for printing, backup,...: %EMAIL_FROM_PREFIX% , %EMAIL_FROM_DOMAIN% , %EMAIL_FROM_DOMAIN_EXT%
- FIXED: Edit stamp directly from printing actions.
02 Jul
 Version: 5.12 - Minor update
- FIXED: Action Move folder with IMAP4 can cause error 611 in some cases, now fixed.
- IMPROV: Update information now is passive, no action required when program starts.
- FIXED: Action Move folder in filter wasn't saved.
- FIXED: Exchange checking with option to get new message only
25 Mar
 Version: 5.11 - Minor update

- ADDED: Exchange Account: New property to get only new messages which will reduce the Exchange Bandwidth.
- FIXED: Account for Outlook (PST) is now working
- FIXED: Live update on certain situation didn't start

18 Feb
 Version: 5.10 - Major update

- ADDED: New action to move email from a folder to another one for Exchange and IMAP account (Gmail...)
- ADDED: Account IMAP now support the function to get only unread message (faster for very large inbox)
- ADDED: New PDF merging engine for email and attachment.
- ADDED: You can define your own filename for PDF merging.
- ADDED: Activity viewer can display error only or service log.
- IMPROVED: Exchange account: Support for public folders (beta)
- IMPROVED: Added new fields for setting the Print job name (including the attachment filename).
- FIXED: RSS account: the default print template is the right one now.
- Some minor improvements...

04 Feb
 Version: 5.09 - Major update

- IMPROVED: PDF printing.
- IMPROVED: Backup email with long folder and filename (over 256 char) is now truncated.
- IMPROVED: Excel conversion when office is not installed.
- IMPROVED: Word conversion when office is not installed.
- FIX: Attachment name in the email body printing looks empty in some rare case.
- FIX: Minor small fixes...

11 Sep
 Version: 5.08 - Major update

- FIX: IMPORTANT: Filters operator were wrong in some situations.
- FIX: Printing multiple attachments images with invalid image cause application to stop actions.
- IMPROVED: Word conversion when office is not installed.
- IMPROVED: PDF printing.

27 Jun
 Version: 5.07 - Minor update

- IMPROVED: Plugin extension
- FIX: Error message cmdMenuAccount_Edit_Click
- FIX: Printer with Duplex mode (print always in duplex)
- FIX: Print Page number and Stamp position

12 Jun
 Version: 5.06 - Minor update
- FIXED: Problem with very large Exchange email box, if over 1000 emails it didn't working, now solved.
15 May
 Version: 5.05 - Minor update
- IMPROVED: PDF printing render
- IMPROVED: Word and Excel printing render
- IMPROVED: Backup with specific folder and filename char.
- FIXED: problem with latest update when saving data (email backup, attachment, ...)
- FIXED: Force HTML to be printer in TEXT option failed in some cases.
- FIXED: Play audio file from filter when new email arrives.
- FIXED: Option to display or not the Message alert when new email arrives.
16 Apr
 Version: 5.04 - Minor update
- FIXED: Print attachment twice when attachment is from a message attached...
- FIXED: Scheduler with time on 12 hour format.
- FIXED: Filter on attachment name didn't work with POP3 and IMAP4.
- FIXED: When copy Account or Filter, the actions copied was wrong.
- IMPROVE: Exchange: Exchange email id can be very long, now it is handle in a different way.
- IMPROVE: Exchange: Account error can occurs with email malformed header.
02 Apr
 Version: 5.02 - Minor update
- FIXED: Scheduler: minor problem with US hour format, display 90:0_ instead of 09:00
- FIXED: Exchange: it checked always Inbox folder even if you specify another
- FIXED: Account with Exchange server doesn't restart automatically
- FIXED: Action to send email (forward and send), minor error can occurs with multiple recipients
28 Feb
 Version: 5.0 - New release
New version 5.0
14 Feb