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Automatic Email Manager 7 - Version 0

Current version is: 7.00.0000

You do not have the latest version. Please consult the version history.

To obtain the latest version of your product, please consult the email you received when you ordered the product.
It contains a link from which you can download your product update or use the Live Update include with your application.

History detail

 Version: 7.05.0312 - Minor update
- FIXED: Save attachment: a problem from last built occurs with filename.
12 Mar
 Version: 7.05.0308 - Minor update
- Improv: Exchange/Office365 if more than 2 accounts.
- Improv: Display in current language the day of the week in the advanced scheduler
- Improv: When merging attachments in PDf, the RTF file was exclude

08 Mar
 Version: 7.04.0208 - Minor update
- FIX: Administration password: it wasn't saved as expected.
- FIX: Duplicate group of actions: the rules were not well duplicated.
- FIX: Exchange account: When a connection error occurs the account was set in pause automatically, it is now removed.
- FIX: Instant report: fix the problem with message saying the email can't be send because email 'From' is not specified
- FIX: Exchange: In some cases it was possible to have the emails printed twice

08 Feb
 Version: 7.03.1701 - Minor update
- FIX: Exchange: In some cases it was possible to have the emails printed twice

22 Jan
 Version: 7.03.1601 - Minor update
- IMPROV: Exchange: now delete email is sent to delete folder (no more hard delete)
- IMPROV: If internet connection fails, it will restart normally
- FIX: Office365: When using Move or Copy action, it wasn't working since last built, it is now fixed.
- More minors fix...

15 Jan
 Version: 7.02.1101 - Minor update
- IMPROV: You can now edit the action copy & move directly from group of actions
- IMPROV: Minor improvment in UI
- Fix: Forwarding email wasn't working in some case.
- Fix: Account set time interval over 12H59 can cause an error in some countries.
- Fix: If an internet connection failed the account was set to pause, now it will retry some minutes later.
- Fix: Exchange account: an error occurs when internet connection failed during some minutes.
- ...
11 Jan
 Version: 7.02 - Minor update
- Fix: when no printer is installed
- Fix: Remove space in filepath for invalid character
- Fix: IMAP account without PUSH in specific case didn't close connection as it should

09 Jan
 Version: 7.01 - Minor update
- Fix: Problem when using multiples print action with different stamps or page number, there was a locked file problem.
21 Dec
 Version: 7.00 - New release
- Official release for version 7
15 Dec