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ActiveX My Command Button - Version

Current version is: 5.16

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History detail

 Version: 5.16 - Minor update
- FIXED: Minor problem with a debug function not removed in final release.
10 Sep
 Version: 5.15 - Minor update
- FIXED: Minor update for text offset on large buttons.
01 Jul
 Version: 5.14 - Minor update
- FIXED: If button height was 0 a problem message was displayed.
- FIXED: Minor problem with XP appearance in Toggle mode and with toggle pushed during initialisation.
- FIXED: Minor problem with text fading and the number of fade which doesn't stop.
15 Jan
 Version: 5.12 - Minor update
- FIXED: Memory problem with specific appearance mode.
20 Jun
 Version: 5.10 - Minor update
- FIXED: Memory problem can occur with specific settings.
22 May
 Version: 5.00 - New release
- ADDED: New button: Vista Sunset appearance.
- ADDED: New button: Vista Sunrise appearance.
- ADDED: New button: Office 2007 appearance.
- ADDED: New button: Gradient appearance.
- ADDED: New text feature: Make the button text fade smoothly.
- ADDED: Value property like standard Microsoft Button.
- ADDED: OLE support like standard Microsoft Button.
- Fixed : When button was resized at runtime it wasn't refreshed automatically.
- Fixed: Caption offset x and y weren't correct with some alignment value.
- Minor improvement: Added IObjectSafety for Microsoft IE and Office but not tested and it will not supported.
05 Oct
 Version: 4.02 - Minor update
My Command Button ActiveX has now a certificate (digital signature) for more security.
04 Sep
 Version: 4.02 - Minor update
- FIXED: When pressed space bar and open a new form, the button wasn't redraw at initial state
- FIXED: hotkey were used even when control was disable
- FIXED: when double click event was used to open a new modal form, the visual button wasn't refresh
- FIXED: A problem displaying text longer than 30 chars, appear only with some controls on the Form like menu from Teebo.
06 Jun
 Version: 4.00 - Major update
- ADDED: Support Unicode text on Windows NT/2000/XP and higher
- ADDED: Customized Tooltip with balloon style
- ADDED: Royal Theme is now available for XP and Office buttons styles
- ADDED: When no theme is available, you can now choose a default one between all standard themes and a standard 3D
- IMPROV: some minors improvements.

Best of all, UPGRADE IS FREE for all previous users...
27 Sep
 Version: 3.05 - Minor update
- FIXED: minor problem when appearance was Flat with drop down mode, a part of the border was draw.
- FIXED: minor problem when mouse over a button and user press enter key, button was draw as down.
- IMPROV: in appearance mode Flat and Toggle mode, the button draw is like original office XP.
- IMPROV: in appearance mode 3D when change the border width, the render is better.
22 Aug
 Version: 3.04 - Minor update
FIXED: minor problem when stretching a background picture in Bitmap format and size was smaller than original.
20 Jul
 Version: 3.03 - Minor update
- FIXED: using the Cancel property, an error 0 occured when no shortcut was defined in caption and pressed ESC key.
- FIXED: using the Alt+Key (ampersand) trigger the Click event before drawing the button.
12 Jan
 Version: 3.02 - Minor update
[FIXED]: When the button is using the & in the caption (ampersand), using the Alt+Key combo gives the button focus, but does not trigger the Click event.
19 Oct
 Version: 3.01 - Minor update
- FIXED: Use under Access, when copy and paste control an error was generated.
- FIXED: minor problem with ESC key and Cancel button property.
30 Sep
 Version: 3.00 - Major update
New release
- Add all Themes support
- Add new button style (explorer, Office 2003, Shaped)
- Improve the speed
- And a lot of new features, just take a look to the demo...
08 Sep