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Can i Use the command button in .NET, like VB, C#,

Can i use the activeX command button with .NET language, like VB, C#, ASP ?[...] »

Picture and text position

When i use a picture the picture is actually before the buttons text? is it possible to put the buttons text before the[...] »

Set transparent gif picture

I am trying to place a gif picture on my command button. I'm using a GIF with a transparent background but for some rea[...] »

Transparent icon with ActiveX under .NET

When i set an icon in the picture property, it doesn't appear transparent but with a blue background.[...] »

MyCommandButton ActiveX and VS2005 (.net 2)

I am testing VB 2005 and connot get MyCommandButton to work. When I add the control I get a Run Time Error "0"[...] »

Using Cancel property cause a crash !

I'm evaluating the demo version of the control, but setting in a button the property 'Cancel' and pressing (at runtime) [...] »

i want to add items in drop down button

i want to add items in drop down button. please help me.[...] »

BackColor property is not changed !

I changed my button BackColor property, but when I run my code, it displays it with the white default color. ForeColor a[...] »

Using contextmenu control with ActiveX under .NET

When i use the context menu control in, the reponse click event for menu doesn't work ![...] »

When quit application with your activex, i have a

When we quit our application with your activex command button or frame panel on it we have this error message 0x6023377c[...] »

Vista look ?

Will you have a MyCommandButton control with a vista look ?[...] »

Backcolor property of the button always returns -2

The backcolor property of the button control always returns -2147483633 regardless of the color it is set to in the prop[...] »

Use with PowerPoint, set it invisible

I put your button control directly on the powerpoint slide and use VBA to turn it on or off via property value change(Vi[...] »

Load dynamic picture with LoadPicture

When i use the following code under VB6, it doesn't work: Command8(i).Picture = LoadPicture("D:\image\file1.ico") [...] »

Problem when compiling source code

We buy the source code of this control and when i open the project file i get an error "unable to set the version compat[...] »

Does your controls support XP Icons with Alpha cha

Does your FramePanel and Button controls support XP-Icons with alpha channel ?[...] »

Picture does not size correctly when stretch is se

Picture does not size correctly when stretch is set to true and button is smaller then image size. If button is larger [...] »

Hotkeys for Buttons

Does it support Hotkeys for Buttons? [...] »

With Access, default procedure is ControlName_ Upd

In MS Access, it always creates a procedure for "ControlName_Updated(Code As Integer)", which is pretty useless. Each ti[...] »

Jpeg images with transparency equal to xp color

Trying to use Jpeg images on button with a custom background color &H00B4987E&. The jpeg transapency is set to this col[...] »

enabled disable under access

With Microsoft Access, we place a button on a form. if you disable the button (enabled=false) at runtime the button pain[...] »

Dropdown create menu or not ?

Is the dropdown functionality just a context menu displayed on an event, or is creating the items in the dropdown someth[...] »

Copy and Paste issue with Access

When i do a Copy and Paste operation, i have an error 0 ![...] »

flat appearance and DropDown AppearanceMode proble

I need to use it in flat appearance and DropDown AppearanceMode. However control draws border between main button sectio[...] »

Problem with click response when opening a new for

We seem to have run into a bug, either in the MyCommandButton control or in VB6 itself. We have a number of places in ou[...] »

Unicode button

Can I use your product for a multiline unicode ? [...] »

Migrate from the standard VB button interface

Is there a quick way to migrate from the standard VB button interface ?[...] »

Does your visual controls support XP theme even in

I need to know if your controls will retain the XP look even if the base operating system (i.e.) WinXP is changed to cla[...] »

problem when pressing key enter with mouse over

When you press any button whith the keyboard key "enter" and have the mouse cursor over, the button keeps pressed (waiti[...] »

Using image from an imagelist

I am unable to set the picture property a runtime. I am using the syntax MyCommandButton.Picture = (fully qualified path[...] »

Open form centered with click event

If I use a VB command button to open Form2 from Form1 where Form2's StartUpPosition property is set to 'Center Owner', t[...] »

Use of ampersand (shortcut as &Close)

I see that it does not support using ampersand to assign shortcut key for click event (such as "&Close"). [...] »

Header file to use with mfc/vc++

Don't I need a header file so I can call the class methods (using MFC/VC++)? I can't seem to find it.[...] »

Use My Command Button .NET under framework 1.1

Can i use My Command Button .NET with framework V1.1 ?[...] »