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OutSideColor with My frame panel

Error in My Frame Panel with Other Background Color with SStab OutSideColor not work with Copy and Paste... form ColorB[...] »

Memory problem with new release of MyFramePanel

Run-time error 7 - out of memory. This error has been popping up since I upgraded MyFramePanel to the latest version 2.[...] »

My Frame Panels and My Command Buttons render awfu

I developed my application on a Windows XP system. Now I'm testing it out on a Windows 2000 system (in Virtual PC), and [...] »

Option Buttons and Check Boxes on a MyFramePanel w

Standard OptionButtons and CheckBoxes can't be set to have transparent background, so when we add these controls to the [...] »

Transparency in the outside corner.

i make form with rounded corners whit a xp theme but i would like that the corners in white OUT the rounded corners will[...] »

Frame disable all child controls ?

Am I able to place other controls on the frame panel and enable/disable those child controls ?[...] »

Frame really transparent outside

Is it possible to have a real transparency outsite the frame with round corner, and not only the background color ?[...] »

My Frame Panel under MS Access.

MyCommand button is working perfectly in MS Access 2003, but can MyFrame also be used in Access? I cannot add it to a fo[...] »

How much memory resources does it take ?

How much memory resources does this panel take for each instance compared to a picture box? What is the distributable[...] »

Does it work under Windows 95 and NT4 ?

Does it work under Windows 95 and NT4 ?[...] »

Border in appearance XP no gradient

Original Windows XP panel doesn't have a border around the header, how to have exactly the same appearance ?[...] »