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Can send message but cannot received

I can send message but i cannot received, why? [...] »

Which firewall port WinPopup Express use

Which network ports are used to setup my firewall? [...] »

Ressource usage

Does winPopup use a lot of network ressource? [...] »

Some buttons are missing on the form !

WinPopup Express will open up but the "Send" button will be missing on the Send window and so I cannot send new messages[...] »

Search computer: find no computers

When i use the function 'Search' contact, it found nothing, why? [...] »

Translate the program in my natural language

How to translate the program in my natural language?[...] »

Installation without user interaction

Can the installation process be automated so that it can be unattended? [...] »

When program start, a message is displayed showing

Each time I start the program I received an information window with the following message: "Impossible to read the file[...] »

Add WinPopup program to my own program.

I am a developer and am looking for "winpopup" program to add to one of my applications and then distribute. Whi[...] »

Use WinPopup Express with Wyse thin clients

We are a based company that use Wyse thin clients with embedded versions of MS NT 4.0 and MS XP Pro. They work great fo[...] »

I got an 711 error

I got an 711 error and the program said to contact you.[...] »

Manipulating Groups seem to be incorrect

My contact and group files are on a shared drive. I have multiple groups but the contacts within those groups seem to b[...] »

Uninstall WinPopup Express

How do i uninstall the demo, i put it on to try out for customers and now it keeps popping in on startup with error lang[...] »

Does WinPopup Express work with Linux Samba

Does WinPopup Express work with Linux Samba? [...] »

Comment d├ęsinstaller My Winpopup Express

Comment faire pour d├ęsinstaller My Winpopup Express de mon ordinateur ?[...] »

Send message offline

Is there a way they can create and store messages while in mobile mode and then when they reconnect to the network these[...] »

WinPopup and Norton Internet Security 2007

I just installed Norton Internet Security 2007 and now my WPE won't work. I went into the Personal Firewall/Program con[...] »

Message affichant 711, veuillez contacter Namtuk

Bonjour j'obtiens l'erreur 711 sur 2 de nos 3 postes. Que faire ?[...] »

I want to send WinPopup Express to taskbar closed

It stays minimized at the bottom of my screen. Can we have it so it just stays on the right near the clock.[...] »

Contact request Support

How do you set the program for the reception version only ? [...] »

Install on network computers without internet


Want to add more licenses... How to ?

We purchases 8 Lic. We want to add 2 more Lic. Do we just order 2 more or what is the procedure.? [...] »

WinPopup online/offline

Does WinPopup Express have online/offline capability?[...] »

WinPopup Express message encryption

Is traffic encrypted ?[...] »

Customize WinPopup for my company

Looking for a Winpopup program for our XP users. Can you customize your product with our company name ?[...] »