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Software to print your emails automatically

Automatic Email Manager

Do you need to receive your emails directly to your printer? or convert your emails to PDF automatically? You should try this program...

Software to send short messages on your LAN

My WinPopup Express

This program let you improve communication in your company: send, receive and organize instant messages over your local network.

.NET Components

Add Aqua buttons to your .NET program

.NET My Command Button

My Command Button for .NET V2 is the evolution of the awards wining ActiveX version, we added a lot of new great features for your .NET applications...

Improve your visual .NET application

.NET My Frame Panel

My Frame Panel component for .NET is the panel you need to improve your visual interface for your applications...

Add screenshot capabilities to your .NET application

.NET My Screen Capture

This .NET component let you easily capture screen in 6 ways (Full screen, Active window, predefined region, manual region, specific window, full web page) and getting instant result in memory...

ActiveX controls

Button Activex purchase

My Command Button ActiveX

Add full featured buttons in all styles (Vista, XP, Office 2003/2007, shaped, gradient) that support all colors themes in all Windows versions.

Frame panel control purchase

My Frame Panel ActiveX

This frame lets you create appealing visual styles to your applications< in all Windows versions.

Control to make screenshot in your vb6 app

My Screen Capture ActiveX

This control lets you capture screen in 5 ways (Full screen, Active window, predefined region, manual region, specific window) and get instant result in memory.

Send short message over lan in your VB6 program

WinPopup ActiveX

WinPopup ActiveX lets you add LAN messaging functionalities to your applications.